Ms. Mah-e-Nao

(BSHEL, English Literature 7th Semester)

A surge of excitement ran through my veins when I joined a business forum like CENTIN. Though it was a crooked path because of its multidimensional side but still I really enjoyed working here. My experiment has been the exuberant one as CENTIN compels one to find out one’s inner potential in order to change a wrecked shell into a precious gem. CENTIN added to my confidence and expanded my business circle and what I liked the most is that I am a student of Literature and I got to know so much about business, so this way CENTIN fulfilled its promise of multidimensionality as it added new flavors of business to my experience with its spell bounding traits.

Ms. Syeda Mahwash Zahra

(BFD, Textile Design 8th Semester)

My internship at CENTIN has taught me more than I could imagine. I just want to say 6 weeks journey was full of lessons, new experiences, new ideas and creation. It was a good opportunity for me to learn something different. I found good changes in confidence level, communication skills and tried in every best way to complete my task and I think I was successful in it. This internship has taught me how to use my skills in the better way in future, so I am really thankful to CENTIN for all the new ways of business and interaction I have explored while working here.

Ms. Hira Sajjad

(BBA final year student)

In the light of my experience, I would like to say that Internship at CENTIN prepares and refines an individual more precisely in the mold of a professional individual as in addition to developing the mindset of the internee.

Ms. Rabbiya Shakeel

(BBA final year)

I found incredible improvements in my soft as well as hard skills facilitated by guidance and support provided to me during tenure while performing various tasks and fulfilling my responsibilities as an internee at CENTIN. 

Ms. Aleena Shakeel

BBA-H (6th semester)

CENTIN has provided me with the chance to create a scenario where I can work professionally which has boosted up my leadership qualities as well as decision making power.It has allowed me to help gain incredible knowledge and skills that are required for the performance of various tasks. Their effective communication and support has been very helpful in grooming whatever I have learned so far. Apart from this, CENTIN has provided me the opportunity to become more extrovert and has helped gain more self-confidence. Working with the CENTIN team has been a wonderful experience for me as they engaged me in the tasks that benefited me in improving my skills. As an internee, I could not have asked for a better chance to learn how things go about in the practical field work.

Ms. Saadia Shahwaiz

BBA-H (6th semester)

Working at CENTIN has been a lifetime experience for me.As far as my knowledge is concerned, CENTIN has proved itself efficient in providing great deal of skills and opportunities to take responsibility of numerous tasks at one time. It has truly leaded me towards more confidence, self-reliance, and precious understanding of not only performing the tasks but also performing them in a professional manner. The immense assistance, direction and guidance provided by CENTIN team throughout my tenancy of internship has proved to be very helpful and supporting while executing diversified tasks. It has also inspired and stimulated my interest to work and decision making even under stressful circumstances which is a great achievement as it would aid me to carry a great deal of burden in real world.

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